WordPress does not help SEO

WordPress does not help SEO. With all the talk about SEO plugins you might think you’re at a disadvantage without WordPress. And without the SEO plugins you might think you’re at a disadvantage compared to those who have them.

But you’d be wrong.

WordPress and SEO just aren’t related in any way.

wordpress-does-not-help-seoSEO is the process by which you prove to the search engines that you are relevant for a given topic. Wordpress itself is just a content management system. WordPress is a program like Microsoft Word, but instead of being designed to create text documents it is designed to create web content. That’s all it is. WordPress is a program that makes it easy for you to put content online.

My Readers Don’t Want a Newsletter

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Don’t Write an e-Book

No matter what I told you, or you heard from John Saddington at Savvy, or you read online somewhere. . . take "write an e-book" for your email optin off your list of things to do. The truth is no one has e-book on their Christmas List. No one. Are … [Continue reading]

Choosing a Monetization Model

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Analyzing your bounce rate? Mistakes are common


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Consumer Buying Process: Messaging Makes all the Difference


I always enjoy "analyzing" the consumer buying process in different industries. For instance it doesn't take much effort to sell a candy bar at the grocery store checkout. But it takes a heck of a lot of work to get a country to buy a Boeing … [Continue reading]

Your Website Conversion Rate is Meaningless. Period.

People often ask me what my website conversion rate is, which I think is an absolutely ridiculous question. But before we continue, let's assume you don't know what a conversion rate is OR let's define it so the rest of this post is based on a mutual … [Continue reading]

Can you start a new site outside your niche?

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Becoming a Power Pinner (on Pinterest)

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Common Marketing Mistake: Leveraging Assets

Common Marketing Mistake

One common marketing mistake small businesses seem to make is not leveraging operations activities for marketing purposes. As I highlighted in my "Dog the Bounty Hunter" story, the average, ordinary things that you do can be used as marketing. I … [Continue reading]

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