100 Articles Challenge

I decided to do my second 100 Articles in 100 Days Challenge (after seeing Susanne Meyers and Connie Green get the challenge going). The first one I did was through EzineArticles.com, but I’ve become disenfranchised with them and am doing it differently this time around. Part of my 100 articles will be on the websites themselves. Otherwise, I hope to write guest blog posts, get some articles published on IdeaMarketers.com and some in Magazine websites.

I’ve decided to start this repository for my articles for two reasons. The first is self-motivation.  Since it is easier to fail in private, I would rather keep my progress out in the open and work hard not to fail. The second reason is indexing. With a link to each of my articles here, each article will immediately have one incoming link (though a bit saturated) and the article may get indexed sooner.

[stextbox id="info"]100 Articles Challenge
Start Date: March 15
End Date: June 23
Author: Dan R Morris[/stextbox]

1. Torrontes Organic Wine Review

2. 10 Healthiest Foods

3. Pelvic Floor Electrical Stimulation

4. List of Free Incontinence Products

5. Shazam Marketing | QR Code Marketing

6. Increase Your Page Views

7. Benefits of Grape Seed Oil

8. Yucca Recipes

9. How to make Photos Go Viral on Pinterest

10. Science Facts About Resveratrol

11. How to Find Local People in your Niche – (article for Dan’s Notes Membership)

12. Pelvic Floor Exercises for Men

13. Becoming a Power Pinner on Pinterest

14. Alternatives to Red Wine

15. Popular Pinterest Images

16. Make your images go viral on Pinterest

17. The Sales Pitch in the Consumer Buying Process

18. Improve Your Website Shopping Cart Conversion Rate

19. How to do Pelvic Muscle Exercises

20. The New List of Superfoods

21. Organic Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

22. Marketing on Purpose

23. Jam Jar Organic Wine Review

24. Using Google Trends as a planning tool

25. Marketing Calendar Creation Tool

26. Nonalcoholic Drink Recipes

27. Making Money with Pinterest

28. Should you start a second site?

29. The World’s 10 Healthiest Foods

30. How to do the rel-author thing

31. How to pin pages without pictures

32. Making Money with Pinterest

33. What is Pinterest

34. Self Improvement via Pinterest

35. How to monetize YouTube videos

36. Super Foods for Super Health

37. Non Alcoholic Wine – Does the Flavor Suffer?

38. Which Is the Healthiest Fast Food Hamburger?

39. Make Craigslist Work For You

40. Health Benefits of Port Wine

41. Creating a Pinterest Marketing Campaign

42. Pinterest for Local Businesses

43. What are the Healthiest Wines

44. Becoming a Power Pinner

45. Fast Food Nation Summary

46. Blueberry Nutrition

47. Choosing a Monetization Model

48. The Bathroom Key Book Review

48. Dyslexia games and activities

49. World’s Healthiest Foods Book Review

50. Pinterest and the Marketing Matrix

51. Resveratrol Enhanced Wines

52. Best Food for Skin Health

53. Mistakes with Categories and Tags

54. Yucca Plants

55. Pelvic Floor Stimulator

56. WordPress Categories and Tags

57. Regents Prep Algebra

58. 2012 Year of the Teenager

59. Japanese Knotweed Medicinal Properties

60. Community Building Mistakes

61. Community Building Extras

62. People buy beliefs, not benefits

63. Plumbing and Renovations: Incontinence Forum

64. Incontinence Supplement or Kegels

65. Complete List of Superfoods

66. Grapes Nutrition

67. Chocolate Health

68. 5 Steps to Making Repeatable Progress Online

69. Urge incontinence bio-feedback study

70. Stress Incontinence Home Remedies

71. Red Hot Chili Peppers at Bonnaroo

72. Games for kids who don’t like math

73. Johnson & Johnson cease surgical mesh sales

74. Start a New Site Outside Your Niche

75. Another math game for kids

76. Resveratrol Book Review

77. Marketing Calendar: More than holidays

78. Using Customer Feedback

79. Consumer Buying Process: Messaging

80. Math Games for 4th Graders

81. New List of Superfoods

82. Hashtag Marketing

83. Marketing-Berater Morris: “Groupon schafft keine Kundenbindung”

84. Bounce Rate Mistakes

85. Pinterest and Hashtags

86. Image Marketing: More than just Pinterest

87. The Blueberry Bush

88. Recovering from Google Penguin

89. My Doppelganger Bucket List

90. Getting a Math Tutor

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