What can you expect?

In selected cities we’re putting on one day blogging workshops. They are geared to advanced level bloggers who know there are things they could be doing better, faster, cheaper, smarter.

I love blogging conferences, but I think there’s a lot of emphasis put on short sessions that just don’t let you get to the meat of the issue. So we’re going to slightly alter the learning environment.

We’re limiting these events to 35 people in most venues. We’re only going to have one room AND the presenters are going to overlap and rotate so we’re never leaving a topic unanswered, but rather, are using one topic to move to another.

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Who is leading this discussion?

426830_3049824135444_1923536809_n jennie-leanne Jennie LeAnne, founder of launched her money saving blog in 2009 as a resource for Colorado families. As the website quickly took off, she realized that it was not only families in need that wanted to save money.During the past five years Jennie has grown Bargain Blessings enough to make a full-time income off of the revenue it produces and now has a team of women helping to develop content for her loyal readership. Jennie has been featured in several national publications including the New York Times, has regular appearance on several Colorado morning shows and is known locally by producers as the top resource for consumer stories.
Dan R Morris, the mind behind Common Sense Revenue, has been using online tools to drive revenue since 2008. Dan spends his time working with bloggers to increase their revenue, improve their quality of life and time with family (without revenue loss), reduce their economic dependency one one source, and help them create a business that’s both scalable and leveraged. He has worked with bloggers, niche website owners, restaurants, tutors, national brands and professional speakers. He works with clients in mastermind groups, private consulting, group classes, workshops and through customized consulting agreements. Dan R Morris

What are you going to learn?

This is the list of topics we’re planning on covering – but be prepared to add your own topic. We’ll decided as a group where we begin on the topics. Unless otherwise stated, we’re going to be covering the following in this class:

*When SEO is useless
*Blow up your photo, image and video traffic
*Anatomy of a Perfect Post
*How to sell services online – the customer funnel
*Creating content your readers really want
*Ebook Strategy: Pricing, Empire building, and where
*Contacting the Media and Brands
*Why and When to do Keyword Research
*How to build a revenue stream, then grow it through measurement
*Google +, Google Authorship and Publisher Rules
*How to take advantage of all that a blogging network has to offer
*Rebranding? How to do it without losing fans.
*How to get multiple pages ranked for one keyword
*Pinterest, YouTube, Bing and Press Release SEO
*What can you learn about your site from Pinterest
*Setting up YouTube to create fans
*How to move a Page 2 post to Page 1
*Branding isn’t about logos – It’s about consistency
*Getting Pages Indexed
*Which 20% of our efforts are creating 80% of our revenue
*Using Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to increase revenue
*How internal site structure affects SEO, Page Views, Likes and Fans
*The good, bad and how of automation
*Which sites WordPress should Ping
*Categories, Tags, Pages, Posts, Descriptions and Permalink Structure
*Titles, Descriptions, Meta tags, Keyword concentration

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Who is a good fit for this workshop?

Bloggers who  have traffic to their websites, have been blogging for a while, are making a little money but are ready to take the next steps are the best fit for this program.

If you’ve tried Adsense, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts or membership sites as a monetization course, you’d be perfect for this class.

What I’d like to avoid are “first week bloggers”. If you just installed your blog for the first time, this is not the conference for you. Leave a comment and I can point you in the right direction, but here we’re not going to be addressing “what is a plugin” or any basic WordPress skill.

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Where and When is the workshop?

We’re meeting from 10 – 5 on August 28th in the beautiful Denver, Colorado.

We’re holding the Denver event in an atypical place of sorts. In Atlanta it was the conference facility at a co-working space, and earlier in Nashville at a bed and breakfast.

But Id’ say we got really lucky when we came across the Smoky Hill Library near 470 in southeast Denver. Easy access, great parking, proven internet, great conference room AND a coffee shop on the premises. That means no parking fees, no need for 69 GPS led left turns and low stress. Perfect for learning.

Smoky Hill Library
5430 S Biscay Cir,
Centennial, CO 80015

Well, how much is it?

Registration for this event is $139 and includes lunch, Joel Comm’s new book “So What Do You Do?”, and 7 hours of awesomeness.

Registration fees are non-refundable but are transferable through August 15th. Once your registration has been received, we will send an invoice to complete your registration. (Your tax person will love that. I just hate putting vague emails in my tax folder).

Please fill out this form to reserve your spot:


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