How to pin pages without pictures

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Holy Moly! Did you know you could pin pages without pictures?  Did you know you could pin images on Facebook? Did you know that after you pin something you could change the location that users land when they click on the pin? While testing  out … [Continue reading]

Why are you doing that again?


There are so many things to do, isn't there? Podcasts, Pinterest, Facebook, e-books, email, Flickr, Youtube, Hubpages, Google Places, backlinks, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Cinch, Slideshare, Instagram, Digg, BlogTalkRadio, Kunaki. . . the list goes on and … [Continue reading]

Banner Retargeting Marketing Strategy


A well executed banner retargeting marketing strategy is a tremendous way to capitalize on all your other marketing efforts. Banner retargeting is a way to make sure that visitors to your website continue to see ads for your products/services on the … [Continue reading]

Ruby Tuesday Marketing Mistake: Birthday Program


Today I experienced a Ruby Tuesday Marketing mistake. You might consider it an operations mistake or just a miscommunication, but you'd be wrong. While birthday promotions involve the restaurant staff and the operations department, they are a type of … [Continue reading]

The hyphenated domain name dilemma


It seems the hyphenated domain dilemma is rearing its head again.  However this time I'm hearing from SEO guys that hyphenated domain names actually hurt your search engine rankings.  I've found no evidence that this is the case but I do have plenty … [Continue reading]

Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes


I'm not sure what the most common affiliate marketing mistakes are, but I saw an article by Jeff Herring today that clearly illuminated a big one. Jeff Herring (as he explains in this blog post) had the unfortunate experience of having YouTube … [Continue reading]

Keys to the Carp Hunters Viral Video

If you haven't seen this carp hunters video that went viral out of Peoria, IL - then you're missing out. While it doesn't have the giggling associated with the talking babies video - it's got a whole lot more that makes it an instant video … [Continue reading]

Moving your e-mail database

I spoke about moving your e-mail database on CinchCast this morning. I thought it might be fun to marry what I do here with what I do there. Take a listen! … [Continue reading]

Surveys aid the buying process


I recently read an article over at Alejandro Reyes's website (which you can see here) where he published the results of a survey his readers took. I thought what he learned from his readers would be quite germane to your business. He asked his … [Continue reading]

Classic Marketing Mistakes


One of the classic marketing mistakes you'll see over and over is the inability of marketers to see the world from their customers' point of view. I was driving home from Myrtle Beach today when I noticed a few dozen telephone poles were adorned … [Continue reading]

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