Community Building Extras


I decided to go to BlogWorldExpo this year. I have had this impression that it's just enormous with tons of vendor booths and people wandering this way and that. I just imagine being somewhat lost in this sea of people. And then I was looking at … [Continue reading]

Choosing a Monetization Model


Big companies have entire departments dedicated to their monetization model and regularly discuss pricing strategies, cost cutting measures, and increasing the number of income opportunities. How much time have you spent on your monetization model? … [Continue reading]

Are You An Advanced Level Blogger (1)


What level of expertise would you say you have achieved in your blogging career, and how do you measure that for yourself? If you're not a beginner, are you an advanced level blogger? And what would you have to know to consider yourself an … [Continue reading]

Are You An Advanced Level Blogger (2)


There's a huge difference between a blogging hobbyist and a professional. While some bloggers seem to have defied the odds and have stuck to, TypePad or Blogger, the rest of us have taken on the challenge of a self-hosted, totally … [Continue reading]

Don’t Write an E-Book


No matter what I told you, or you heard from John Saddington at Savvy, or you read online somewhere. . . take "write an e-book" for your email optin off your list of things to do. The truth is no one has e-book on their Christmas List. No … [Continue reading]

Are You An Advanced Level Blogger (3)


Tracking Tracking is what separates the hobbyist from the professional. With Google Analytics alone you can know where your traffic comes from, which keywords consistently bring traffic, where that traffic goes and you can know which buttons on … [Continue reading]

Optimizing Google AdSense for your Site

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 1.41.36 PM

One of the most frequent questions I'm asked here at SavvyBlogging is about optimizing AdSense accounts (most recently in this very popular blog post).  And a good question it is because rarely do I run across sites that are fully optimized. But … [Continue reading]

My Readers Don’t Want a Newsletter

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 2.00.08 PM

In my recent article Don't Write an E-book, there were some questions about the purpose of building a list. I believe a couple people actually said "my readers don't want a newsletter, they already get my feed". In reading those I both understand … [Continue reading]

How to prove your ideas will work


Got an idea you want to try, but you're just not sure? How about an e-book you want to write? (or read why you shouldn't write an ebook) How about trying to figure out what product or video to make or sell? Or even something simple like which photo … [Continue reading]

Strategically use testimonials


No one ever asks how to use testimonials. Instead most do it the way everyone else does it. They create a testimonials page and they hope you go read them. But is that the best way? Let's establish some criteria to measure our use of testimonials. … [Continue reading]

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